(Songwriting + Production + Engineering + Mixing)


Our process:

UNISUN is an extensive and private network of composers, producers, and engineers helping musical artists develop their work from its inception to completion. Our goal is to provide clients with a well-polished and professional final product. We offer package rates for complete and collaborative project management, working closely with our artists to develop musical works beyond what is possible from home recording alone. Our experienced team of music makers will guide you through the entire production process: workshopping and composing your music, recording high quality performances, mixing your music to industry standards, and mastering the final product to sound beautiful across all modern platforms.

For more information about our rates and availability, please contact us through our information page.


What makes us unique:

No two artists are the same, nor do they have the same vision and we at UNISUN have designed our process around that very idea. Too often, we see musicians carelessly shuffled through the modern music production world. We decided to form a group of producers, composers, and mixing engineers that would work closely together to guide clients through the creative work. Not only does this ensure a consistent and beautiful end product, but it also allows musicians to affordably craft their music within each stage of the process. 


How to apply:

Because UNISUN provides such a comprehensive service to its artists, we are selective in choosing our clientele. We understand that the artist is THE most important contributor to the creative process; therefore, it is critical that UNISUN fully invest in the collaborative work between artist and producer. If you feel that your music would be a good fit for our services, please fill out our intake form on our information page. 


Our location(s):

UNISUN is proud to call Chicago our home. We work primarily within our home studio, located in the heart of Ravenswood; however, we also maintain close-standing relationships with studios and mastering engineers throughout the city. This allows UNISUN a modern flexibility, providing whatever services necessary to bring our clientele’s vision to life. 


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